System development

Our main product is development of high performance transactional database systems.

Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services within

  • systems design and development,
  • database design and management
  • telecommunications networks and services
  • number portability studies and implementation

Operations and maintenance

On behalf of several of our customers we provide SLA based day-to-day operations, maintenance, support and management of their mission-critical systems. This is in most cases the most cost effective way of providing efficient operations and maintenance and to maximise system availability. In the case that the customer chooses to install the system on its own site, all operations and maintenance, including system surveillance, can be done over the internet from our offices in Trondheim.

Server hosting

To our customers we offer server hosting in our fully equiped server room in Trondheim.

Systems are maintained via regular ASP-models in some scenarios, and in-house production environment management in others. Systems with potential concurrent user numbers ranging from 5 to 1.2000.000 are served by our support organization.